Boss Drops by Zone

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Enochia, Kingdom of Fungus[edit]

Boss Drops
King Kupakai Kupakai House Signet Ring | Kupakai Shell Shard | Dragon Egg | Fallen Knight's Blade | Princess Earring
Dry King Kupakai Dry Kupakai Skull
Magikupakai Magikupakai Robe


Boss Drops
Scrapyard Manager Bzzt Metal Rod | Scrap Metal | Large Gear | Tiny Copper Cog
BoomBoom Metal Rod | Scrap Metal

Malefix, the Mines of Mana[edit]

Boss Drops
(Raid) Avatar of Mana Sphere of Blue Mana
Lady Emosa Verdant Fine Silk Robe] | Barbed Whip
High Chemist Bruzco Copal Resin | Calcium Hydroxide
The Manaspun Knight Silver Ingot x10 | Tapered White Spike | Manaspun Gauntlets | Broken Spiked Helmet | Manadrip Lance | Manaspun Breastplate
A Blackened Golem Blackmetal Key
Mana Bones Malachite Wand | Malachite Staff | Belt of the Zephyr | Ripped Robe of Mana
Manatouched Miner Phase Pack

Malsyrian Villa[edit]

Boss Drops
A Depression Demon Misery Core | Depressing Demon Diamond | Depression Demon

S'Aquia, City of Sirens[edit]

Boss Drops
(Raid) S'Aquia Fountain Spirit Vambraces of Flowing Water | Orb of Flowing Water
Armorer Sharpane Blackmetal Sword
a sleeping siren Kelp Sleeping Mask
(Trash) A S'Aquia Noble Sirensteel Tiara

Telvaz, the Misery Mire[edit]

Boss Drops
(Trash) An Onibaba Dokkaebi Gamfu | Onibaba Gown

The Marble Palace[edit]

Boss Drops
(Raid) Carved Marble Dinosaur Red Marble Dinosaur Eye
(Raid)(Trash) A Marble Statue Pure White Marble Chestplate
(Raid) The Marble Dragon Marble Dragon Eye
(Raid) Commander Juero To Be Added

Dripdrain Sewers[edit]

Boss Drops
Escaped Circus Ape Hollow Oil Barrel | Circus Whip | Circus Ape's Top Hat
engorged sewer slime Moldy Sewer Robe | Partially Digested Rabbit's Foot | Rusted Slime Covered Ring
Piranha Plant Mother Piranha Plant Stalk
a goo orc (trash) Goo Orc Belt | Sewer Spike | Sewer Stained Loincloth
a piranha plant (trash) Piranha Plant Tooth
a waste wight (trash) Waste Wight Shroud | Flowing Black Sleeves | Waste Scraper