Noteworthy Quests

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Spirit Stone Quests[edit]

Spiritstone Quest Tier 2 - Damage Over Time

Spiritstone Quest Tier 2 - Direct Spell Damage

Spiritstone Quest Tier 2 - Healing

Spiritstone Quest Tier 2 - Melee Damage

Class Armor Quests[edit]

Click link for Armor quests for specific subclasses (level 20+).

Misc Quests[edit]

Cemetary - 4 Animated Grave Dusts to lady down by Muck Caverns, rewards clickable summon skeletal pet (very low level pet, 1-5 assuming)

Muck Caverns - Bones from plump beasts and other beasts (troll leg/arm/etc.) can be turned in to named guy at camp by Raider's zone line for decent xp reward (~9k at level), some also reward decent item that fits in multiple slots, Troll Arm - beasts rarely drop gnome bones as well, better xp reward.

Telvaz Isle - Guy near docks has quest asking for sandals, which are pretty rare drop (and also nice stats themselves.) Following his quest series ends up with a nice multi-slot Mana Regen/Hp Regen item Straw Protector

Xuolia - Key to the inside of Malsyria Manor can be obtained from a strange presence in the basement of the bar near the fountain. Drop is from a relevant creature in Malsyria.