Repeatable Mostly-For-XP-Type Quests

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Cemetary - Lady by Muck Cavern's accepts 4 gross ribcages, drops from skeletons somewhat rarely.

Cemetary - Different lady accepts Cinnebar, drops from mudmen somewhat rarely.

Cemetary - Kupekai Scales can be turned in 4 at a time to guy near Sewer entrance, good xp at level and 25pp per turn in.

Cemetary - Guy near Muck caverns accepts 2 vampire bat fangs - fangs are kinda rare and great stats, not very worth it, just xp.

Raider's Cove - Pirates drop insignia of their relevant color (white vs black) that can be turned in 4 at a time to the opposing representative (white goes to black, black goes to white) for XP/faction.

Enochia - Sugar Cane can be turned in four at a time to NPC in the ground level of the keep, off the main room that leads outside. He also accepts Dragon Egg from King Kupakai.

S'Aquia - Two weapons (staff from sirens, or bladed staff from Djinn) to the dwarf at the ent - 6k exp at level 15.

Dripdrain Sewers - High Elf female near entrance from Cemetary. Accepts 4 Torn Waste Cloth's dropped from the spectres just past the giant gorilla spawn.